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Our purpose

Like you, we’ve sat in meetings, presentations and just general conversations where we had no clue what was going on. The corporate world is cluttered with acronyms, phrases and bullshit terms that are designed to confuse, convolute and exclude.

To us, the most impressive thing you can do is make a complex topic sound simple – so that’s what we want to do. We’re both corporate lawyers who like to play in the male dominated world of mergers, acquisitions and capital raising. We like having a seat at the table and we like knowing what we’re talking about.

We have three main objectives:

1. Get more women in business.

2. Get the women who are already in business to understand the language and feel comfortable around it.

3. Change how we do business – once you understand the language you can start stripping it away.

We want to break down the barriers at an entry level. We know that when women are running companies that they have lower failure rates, operate more capital efficient companies and give a higher return on investment, so let’s get more women in there.

Think of us as your corporate subtitles, your guide to understanding the foreign language of business.

Our plan

We want to tackle everything from registering your company, doing your first capital raise, running the day to day operations all the way through to selling your company.

We’re lawyers, so we will tend to focus on the legal stuff.

But don’t worry, we’re planning on hosting guests to chat through business finances, intellectual property, engaging employees etc.

There may also be a few wild card episodes where you can just join us for a glass of wine while we chat all things life.

Giselle Finnane and Felicia Lal in Adelaide Hills

If you have a question or want us to chat about a particular topic just let us know. Our email is best.

Our people

Well that’s you.

We’re women who work with lots of female founders and start-ups, so that’s who we're talking to. But really, the mysteries around the language of business is not gender specific nor are the solutions to getting more women in business.

If we want to change how we do business and strip away the unnecessary jargon that surrounds it, then it involves getting everyone on board. So I guess what we’re saying is, we’re open to everyone.

So if you would like to hear more, please subscribe and follow us. We look forward to you joining us!

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